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Define obsession. I think 365 cards is promoting addict-type behavior. Well, I'm enjoying it so who can blame them?

FIRST I want to mention that I designed the new blog header for 365 Cards and I enjoyed doing it. I have to say it looks pretty much perfect for the site, so yay for that.

I realized that I never posted the card I did for the Ad Inspired challenge on Wednesday (day 25). I don't work with a lot of purple and I don't have a lot of stamps, so it was kind of a stretch, but I feel okay about the result. It's not my favorite, but it's not my least favorite either:

This card is another attempt at the Friday "Touchy Feely" challenge where we are to use 3 different methods of texture. For this one I did the pressboard dry embossed polka dots again, distressed and wrinkled the blue paper, then I creased the brown paper to give it a slight accordion effect. I also hand stamped the pattern on the brown paper. I'm enjoying doing that with some of the new stamps I got (Martha Stewart's line from Walmart -- that's where the plaid stamps are from too).

Today I made a card that I really love that is based off of this scrapbook page I did in September 2006 (of some of my adorable nieces and nephews). I am not one to scrapbook just one photo on a page because I don't have that much patience, so it was hard to choose one. Even with this one, I didn't mimic the design completely and I turned it on it's side (the brown strip that says "COUSINS" is supposed to be represented by the strip of blue paper on the card). I would've used the green flowers, but I already used it up, so I chose red.

I ended up turning it on it's side and modifying it a little bit because as I was working, I realized if I did it this way, it would be perfect for this week's Card Patterns Sketch #8 (modified a little bit).



  1. Hi Heidi - we are loving the new banner on 365 - thanks for creating that, it's fantastic!! All of your cards look great, but I have to say I LOVE the last one. Those flowers are gorgeous!!! Are they stamped? Or did you cut them out from something? Just gorgeous!

  2. Hey Heidi...lovin' the new 365 banner!!! FUN! Love your cards too...great job!

  3. Just adorable! Love the large flowers and how you cut them out. Thanks for joining us over on CP.

  4. Great cards Heidi! And the new banner at 365 looks great. And you're right.....it's addictive! But....so much fun. Love your creations.

  5. love your cards here Heidi! I think the ad challenge turned out great. It is so refreshingly creative! Nice work and I also love love love the new banner at 365. Thanks so much for doing it!!!

  6. Great banner Heidi! Love those fonts and the color contrast.
    Your cards are beautiful! Those paper piercing are great.

  7. Love all of your items and your card for the CP sketch is fabulous! Love the colors and your little perfect bow. Thanks for playing along with us!

  8. the last card is currently my favorite color combination!

  9. Really fun cards. Great job with the Card Patterns Sketch.

    It's a good life!
    Terri E.



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