Day 12 - The Big Move, Day 13 - Flashy Friday

Thursday's challenge was to use the theme "The Big Move" to make a card. I should've taken a picture of the inside of the card because I wrote "miss you already." I had fun making this card, especially with the ribbon exhaust.

Friday's challenge was to make a birthday card using only red, yellow, and blue. I had fun with this one too! I had fun weathering the card stock and doing the stitching. I hope you like it as much as I do :)


  1. Oh, these are very cute! Love both of them!

  2. Thesse are neato...Love the car, and making the ribbon like it is moving. Great button band!

  3. As you can see...I'm having fun checking out your fun blog :) Both of these cards turned out fabulous...love the ribbon on the 1st card and love the star wand on the 2nd...great job!!

  4. Cute cards here! I love the card, SO much and the buttons and papers on the second one. Boy you have been busy!!



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