my style

when it comes to crafting, i'm realizing very quickly that i am a minimalist. i really don't like using a lot of frills, tassels and the like. even when i use a lot of different materials, i still like the card to look simple with just one main focal point. i personally think some crafters may see this as a downfall or make my stuff inferior, but that doesn't really bother me. i like monochromatic things with a small accent. i like neutrals. i like subtle. i like sophisticated much more than i like bubbly. i know i have a specific taste, which is why i'm enjoying this challenge websites and the such. i enjoy being stretched and refine, especially as an "artist" because i've just kind of been learning all along the way.

what's your personal crafting style?

also, i love working with graphic design type things... i've even made blog headers for some of my blogging friends (and loved doing it!!). i'm working on a project with my sister lori right now that i'll announce when it's finished! look forward to it!

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  1. Sometimes I desperately miss my yearbook editor days of high school. I designed pages and thought about going into print advertising or designing magazine layouts. I loved entering my stuff into journalism contests and loved winning or placing in those contests even more. :) This doesn't answer your question, but the post just made me think about how much I love placing pictures and lines on pages.



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