Not very easy to sew on the tiniest sizes {0-3 mos} but it's their tinyness makes up for it.

My favorite 'fabric' to use is felt because it's so easy to work with. My least favorite fabric to work with is jersey/knit aka onesies. I just read that I needed a knit needle, so I'll have to invest in one before my next attempt.


  1. that bib with the strawberry is so cute! and love the bees! chelsea, you're amazing!

  2. thanks, heid! if you ever want to get together and make some, let me know. the bibs are really easy once you have a rhythm down. After the fabrics are washed, dried, and ironed it takes about an hour from start to finish for one and about an hour and 20 min for 2

  3. very, very, very cute stuff. I might have to start crashing your craft parties!



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