Owl-ish Pillow

This is for my sister for her birthday {which was in January - "homemade with love" means "you're getting it late"}

This is attempt numero uno. I ran out of cream wool (the circles) so I thought I'd make it coordinate with her room better by adding a row of green {which I didn't have to match her other pillows} or a row of brown - which I did.

I'll post later on attempt numero dos when it is actually attempted.

I'm like Heidi. I really like streamlined, no frills projects. Which, this could arguably be construed as frilly, but the circles are all the same size and had I not run out of cream it would have been monochromatic as well. It reminds me of a gingerbread house roof. Once or twice growing up we used Necco candies as the shingles and it's a bit reminiscent of that for me.

I'll make myself one as well and try another method to eliminate any of the linen showing through {it's mostly noticeable through the brown rows}.

1 comment:

  1. Okay, I just LOVE this...because I love pillows and well, I love owl'ish things :)



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