See-Through Saturday

This is definitely something I've never used before: making a clear card. The front of the card is made out of transparency with just the strawberry/flower/scalloped circle and the gems on the four corners. Then, the next picture shows the inside...

A little surprise on the inside :) I really enjoyed making this card and surprisingly it only took me about 15 minutes once I knew what I was doing. Enjoy!


Wed, Thurs, Fri

Fruit! ...was the theme for Wednesday. I cut this strawberry out of some baby paper I had, but then completely covered it with ink because it was way too pastel for what I wanted. We recently got our tax return, so I got to buy a few more tools (yay punches!) and am very excited about that :)

In the spirit of Earth Day, Thursday's challenge was to use something recycled, so I decided to dig through the trash (I should be able to say recycling, but well, we don't do enough of that...) and found a cereal box! Thus the plain chipboard. I cut the h out and then put the ribbon behind it.

By now it's probably easy to tell that I got a flower punch :P This one was a recipe. I was to use a 5x5 solid colored card, a 4x4 piece of patterned paper (by the way, I LOVE self-adhesive paper), then 1 shape, alpha stickers, and 3 jems. And here you have it. Enjoy!


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...

First, it has been asked what I do with the ends of the ribbon... it depends on the rest of the card, but a lot of the time I just cut it off at the edge of the card. If the paper with the ribbon is going on top of another paper like these first 2 cards, I'll wrap it around the back, then cut it off there. :) On the last one, I put paper on the inside of the card for the writing or whatev, so that covered up the ribbon wrapped around. Thus dispelling the mystery.

This is my Tuesday's Trio card for 365 cards where we were to use a brad (the green sparkly one), a blossom, and a circle. I just lumped it all together... I really like how this one turned out. Still clean and simple like I do.

I did this card for Monday's challenge... using a picture as inspiration. The picture is a close-up of red lilies with dew on them and the background is black. So, here's my interpretation.

This last one is Sunday's sketch which you can find here. As you can tell, I've been in a flowery mood lately. It must be springtime. :) Enjoy!


365 card catch-up (all out of order)

I edited all of these pictures and I guess it didn't get saved or something, but I'm too lazy to go back and do it again (especially since these are all challenges from 2 weeks ago).

I'm not completely caught up yet. I still need to do a get well card with 5 flowers on it and a spring break card. Then I'll be up to the current week.

This was Wacky Color Wednesday or something like that.... a challenge to use orange, green, and purple. I really really do not like these colors together except for maybe the flower type setting, so that's what I did. Call it a cop-out, but I felt like the less color the better on this particular challenge.

This challenge was to stamp your own background. I've done a lot of this since this challenge that is much better looking than this card overall, but I still like it.

This challenge was to decorate a piece of plain chipboard, which is the h. This picture doesn't do the color combo justice... I really like this card.

This card was a quilt sketch, so I used some scraps from my Adelle Alphabet Project :) The "P" is for a name. I really do like making cards with a particular person in mind.

On this one I can't decide which is cuter, the card or baby Adelle and daddy Luke.

this is my take on a Sunday sketch from 2 weeks ago. I rounded some edges, but it's there!


cards cards cards

This challenge was to score a pattern, which I did on the present and hope you can see that...

This card is a tri-fold. I did the stamping myself, just like with most of these other projects... I forgot to crop the pic of the inside view, but there you can see how messy my work table is.

Here we have a money holder. I decided to leave it blank so I can use it whenever I need to (besides the simple sentiment on the inside). This card is completely one layer (if you include the ink and glitter paint as the same layer as the paper).

This is a matchbook-style card. I like how it turned out nicely. You can tell this flower stamp is new because I used it a bit this week...

I really like hand-stamping backgrounds... this is a gift card holder. I really enjoyed teaching myself how to do these new things!


the mega card post ( in 2 parts)

MOM, no peeking (if you even read this). If you read this blog, then please skip this entry :P

This past week on 365 cards it was SCOR-it week. Here are some cards I've done.

Here's today's Accordian card challenge.

This is a pop-up card challenge from a few days ago. I tried to make it classy but still pop-up. I really like how it turned out.

Well, I took a little break, but have still been making cards. I'm nearly caught up. More to come.


non-card project :)

I'm working on a little something for Adelle's room. This is just on a 12x12 piece of cardstock, but I saw these being sold on etsy and thought, hmm... I could make that better than they did... or at least something more my taste. So, I haven't glued down any of the squares yet and don't know exactly what I'll do with all the spaces that don't have letters, but eventually it will be framed and finished and I'll post it again then.


Springtime for Cardmaking

I didn't make all these cards today... I just haven't gotten around to uploading them... so.

Wednesday (April 1st) was Day 32 on 365 Cards and the theme was water. This was a pretty quick card as was the next.... Day 33 where we were only to use the top or bottom 3rd of the card and the rest should be white. I really like how this one turned out and it would be really easy to replicate for a whole set of thank you cards. I'm always looking for stuff like that.

Day 34's challenge was in spirit of Easter, to use either an egg shape or an oval. I really like the paper/color combination in this card and it also was fairly quick.

Today's challenge was based on an ad (here) and I of course tried to keep it simple as usual. I got a few new ink colors, so I'm having fun experimenting with that.


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