Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...

First, it has been asked what I do with the ends of the ribbon... it depends on the rest of the card, but a lot of the time I just cut it off at the edge of the card. If the paper with the ribbon is going on top of another paper like these first 2 cards, I'll wrap it around the back, then cut it off there. :) On the last one, I put paper on the inside of the card for the writing or whatev, so that covered up the ribbon wrapped around. Thus dispelling the mystery.

This is my Tuesday's Trio card for 365 cards where we were to use a brad (the green sparkly one), a blossom, and a circle. I just lumped it all together... I really like how this one turned out. Still clean and simple like I do.

I did this card for Monday's challenge... using a picture as inspiration. The picture is a close-up of red lilies with dew on them and the background is black. So, here's my interpretation.

This last one is Sunday's sketch which you can find here. As you can tell, I've been in a flowery mood lately. It must be springtime. :) Enjoy!


  1. Great catching up! I am working on catching up too! LOL

    I have an award for you if you are interested:

  2. Great job catching up Heidi!!

  3. Fantastic cards, Heidi!! Love the pp for the sunday sketchy card :)

  4. Love your cards and your cute flower stamps.



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