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Fruit! ...was the theme for Wednesday. I cut this strawberry out of some baby paper I had, but then completely covered it with ink because it was way too pastel for what I wanted. We recently got our tax return, so I got to buy a few more tools (yay punches!) and am very excited about that :)

In the spirit of Earth Day, Thursday's challenge was to use something recycled, so I decided to dig through the trash (I should be able to say recycling, but well, we don't do enough of that...) and found a cereal box! Thus the plain chipboard. I cut the h out and then put the ribbon behind it.

By now it's probably easy to tell that I got a flower punch :P This one was a recipe. I was to use a 5x5 solid colored card, a 4x4 piece of patterned paper (by the way, I LOVE self-adhesive paper), then 1 shape, alpha stickers, and 3 jems. And here you have it. Enjoy!

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  1. LOVE all your cards Heidi...woo hoo on your tax return and the new goodies you bought!!! Love the flower punch!



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