day 87, day 82, 365 cards!

Yesterday was Day 87 on 365 cards and the challenge was to use the word "eye" on the card. I pluralized it, I hope that's okay :P

I printed the peacock image and added some glitter detail... I also like the inside of the card. I don't often do much to the inside, but there you have it.

Day 82's challenge was to decorate at least 3 edges of the card, so i went for all 4... I don't usually do bright-colored cards. I like more earthy/subdued colors, but it doesn't hurt to add a little challenge, eh? This isn't my favorite, but I know that to be so even more now. You know what I do love though? My tiny glue gun.


  1. Lovin' both of your cards Heidi...that peacock is adorable and I absolutely adore your brightly colored polka dot card!

  2. Love both of your cards but that Eye one is just so darn cute. That Peacock is perfect



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