365 cards, etc.

day 108's challenge was to make a birthday card for a boy (not man). i had a lot of fun with this one and it was very easy to make.

day 109's challenge was to make a feminine with a specific color scheme: orange, yellow, green, brown, and aqua. i felt inspired right from the beginning, but kind of got stuck for a bit.

this card also works for the pile it on challenge #2, to use 2 different ribbons.

day 110: make a masculine card with an argyle pattern.
this also satisfies day 76 that i needed to do: to embellish all 4 corners and only the corners. i really like it considering how simple it is.

day 111's challenge is to use bold colors and stripes!
this is also for day 60, to use the sentiment "what!?"



thanks kristie!!

i really love this new hobbie... i've only been making cards since march of this year when i starting browsing papercraft blogs and then discovered 365 cards, where i've become acquainted with so many great people and great artists, many of which i can call friends!

Thank you for this great award Kristie! It means a lot coming from someone whose work i admire so much! And so, I would like to pass it on to some of the people whose creativity are admired and inspiring!

Kristie (you don't have to do it all again), Chelsea, Lori George Photography (my sister), ~amy~, and well I'm breaking the rules because I don't have time to decide on the others right now.

Here are the rules:
1. Add the award to your blog
2. Link to the person from whom you received this award
3. Nominate 7 more blogs
4. Leave a message on their blog letting them know they have received 'One Lovely Blog Award'


my favorite!!!

Okay, I really like this card. I had a lot of fun making it and it took very little time. I love it when I actually feel inspired by something I'm doing creatively. Anyway, this is for the 365 Super Sketchy Sunday (day 106).

I also added on the ad-inspired challenge from May (Day 70). My inspiration isn't completely literal, but kind of is at the same time.

AND this fits the Pile it On Challenge #2 AGAIN. So, there you have it. Enjoy!


four 365 challenges, pile it on #2 again

Day 107: "so girly" -- to use the word girl and make it girly
Day 78: sketch
Day 67: think pink
Day 63: use at least 8 flowers (i'm counting the cutouts also)
Pile it On Challenge #2: use 2 kinds of ribbon (and add it to at least one other challenge)


365 cards, days 80, 73, 64, 59; pile it on #2 (just 1 card!)

I had a hard time getting the colors right on this pic, but the close-up picture shows the colors pretty much perfectly. This is a catch-up card for 365 cards. I realized that I had 18 challenges that I hadn't done, so now it's just 14 :P I'm going to incorporate those challenges into all of the cards I make here in the next little while. Here were the requirements for the card:

Day 80--use plaid on the card
Day 73--circle, scallop, bling (pearls for me)
Day 64--sketch
Day 59--"i miss you" sentiment or something similar
Pile it on Challenge #2-- of course to add it to another challenge, but also to use 2 different kinds of ribbon. This is pretty subtle, but you'll notice I used brown ribbon for the button holes, then of course the cream.


top 3 - 365 cards!

This is an exciting day! Not only did I get top 3 at Pile it On, I also got top 3 at 365 cards this week for my onion card:

(click the link to see the inside of the card that i posted the other day)

another award!

I am so excited that I was chosen as one of the "top 3 scoops" of a new challenge site called Pile it On! for this card:

which I posted yesterday. The whole point of the site is to add the Pile it On challenge to another challenge (or several others) you're already doing. I just think it's cool that I made the top 3 for their very first challenge! Notice the new blinkie in the sidebar too :)


365 day 99: sketch

Here's the sketch I was to follow for this challenge on 365 cards! Enjoy!

365 day 104: inspired by grass!

When I think of grass, I think of how it smells. When I think of the smell of grass, I think of playing soccer. I played soccer for years and still love it. So, that is what inspired me for this card and challenge.

I am also using this as a catch-up for the challenge to use a number on the card (Day 62)

365 days! days 103, 105

Day 103's challenge was a recipe:

4.25 x 5.5 card
Solid Background
2 patterned papers
Stamped Sentiment
3 Jewels

We were encouraged to include ONLY these things:

Day 105 was an inspiration challenge basked on the song "Rainbow Connection." This is a song I've had in my head a lot lately and I love the version by Jason Mraz that Pam (the 365 cards owner) posted on the site. Here's my take on the song. Enjoy!

(the flag is a small tribute to kermit)


3 cards, 12 challenge::::365 cards and Pile it on!!

I had fun with cards this week... I'm not all caught up because I just don't have time to do 7 cards a week to my liking these days. Here's what I have though.

All of these cards work for this week's Pile it On Challenge, to not use a stamp for a sentiment. I used some typing/printer, but no stamps on any of these.

I just finished this first one for day 102. The challenge was to combine at least 3 past challenges, one from March, April, and May. Well I took a brief hiatus for about a month at the end of April/most of May, so I decided to make this one a catch-up card for a TON of challenges. Here's what I combined:

Day 21: inspired by the song "Lean on Me" (call me when you need a friend)
Day 57: a sketch
Day 74: hand-written sentiment
Day 77: use some kind of note paper
Day 79: Use your favorite manufacturer for the majority of the card (I really like s.e.i and Basic Grey, but this paper pack is my favorite pretty much ever, so I decided to use s.e.i)
Day 81: incorporate 5 squares
Day 93: use the words "Call Me" - which worked perfectly with day 21.

SO, here's the result. Not my most favorite, but I enjoyed making it.

This is Day 101: Fun with food-veggies! I was inspired by the onion which seems so silly, but the sentiment on the inside gives it some sense. One of my more simple cards (that I love).

This is Day 100 where we were to use 5 bold colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue.

This is also a catch-up card for Day 61, to use a leaf somewhere on the card.



day 97, day 98, 365 cards! Card Patterns sketch 18

Day 97's challenge was to use a diamond as the dominant shape, so i made that the shape of the card. I also did this one as this week's Card Patterns sketch #18. I really like the cupcake (which I freehanded), but the card overall isn't my favorite.

Day 98's challenge was to make an anniversary card. This one was fun to make, but I still feel like there's something missing. I don't like clutter on cards, but I have a hard time defining simple vs. plain. A work in progress, I suppose.


day 96, 365 cards

The Day 96 challenge on 365 cards was to use fabric on the card, excluding ribbon or flowers. I really like the way this card turned out and it wasn't as hard to work with as I expected. I love rediscovering stamps that I haven't used in a while! The 2nd photo is to show what the fabric really looks like, since it has a white on white pattern. Enjoy!


day 92-365 cards, use it #12, the pink elephant #17

That title makes you think you'll see 3 cards, huh... nope! Just one!

The challenge for Day 92 on 365 cards was a sketch. Then, Use it and The Pink Elephant both had recipes. Use it said: Use old chipboard (the butterfly that i covered with striped paper), buttons, tear some paper, and optional stitching. The Pink Elephant said: 3 buttons, 2 layers, and a sentiment.

I was glad to be able to incorporate all 3 challenges in this one card! Enjoy!

The Pink Elephant

Well, the Pink Elephant Challenge blog chose me as one of their top 5 for their last challenge! (for THIS card) There wasn't a prize or anything, but I am excited to finally win something!! I enjoy doing challenges because it stretches my creativity, but it's nice to be recognized for my effort. So, thanks Pink Elephant!!! (and I get to add a winner banner on my sidebar :D)

day 95, 365 cards!

The challenge for Day 95 (wednesday) on 365 cards was to use the colors pink, blue, and orange. I wanted to do something a little different, so I made the shape of the card a lollipop. This is my 2nd attempt... the first card got taken apart and mostly thrown away. I hope you enjoy this one!


365 cards, day 94!

Day 94 was an ad-inspired challenged based off of this picture:

So, I may have skipped a couple of challenges to do this one, but I enjoyed it! I love these colors together and I hope you like it!


1st Annual 2 Sketches 4 You Ultimate Card Showdown

I decided to enter the 1st Annual 2 Sketches 4 You Ultimate Card Showdown. The challenge is a sketch and it's kind of a tournament. The top 30 this round will get to design for the next round and the 20 out of that will do the next round, etc. It goes until July! I really like this card. I actually chose the papers/embellishments ahead of time (including some i ended up not using) and mapped it out... and I LOVE the sentiment. so fun. I think it's a good play off of the formal look of it. Anyway, here's the sketch and then my take!



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