Day 31 = a whole month!!! "I'm Rounding the Corner"

Today's card challenge is called "I'm Rounding the Corner," meaning there were to be no sharp edges on the card. I honestly made this in less than 10 minutes because I had to work ALL day... I still actually like it though. And I'm really enjoying the stamping more than I expected to. The brown paper has large polka dots stamped on. So fun. Enjoy!


Day 29 Super Sketchy Sunday, Day 30 Don't Bug Me, I'm Scrapping

I had a lot of fun with these cards for 365 cards and felt very inspired. On this first one, I kept it pretty simple, but really love the result. I just wish I had better pictures that would do them justice. Ah well, ultimately it's for me anyway, right? Head over to 365 Cards if you want to see the sketch I used for this Day 29 card.

Today's challenge was to be inspired by a ladybug. I decided right away that I wasn't going to put an actual ladybug on the card and then was inspired by the polka dots. This red paper started out as just regular PaperTrey Ink cardstock. This card is so simple, but turned out really great. Yay for inspiring days.


3 more.

Define obsession. I think 365 cards is promoting addict-type behavior. Well, I'm enjoying it so who can blame them?

FIRST I want to mention that I designed the new blog header for 365 Cards and I enjoyed doing it. I have to say it looks pretty much perfect for the site, so yay for that.

I realized that I never posted the card I did for the Ad Inspired challenge on Wednesday (day 25). I don't work with a lot of purple and I don't have a lot of stamps, so it was kind of a stretch, but I feel okay about the result. It's not my favorite, but it's not my least favorite either:

This card is another attempt at the Friday "Touchy Feely" challenge where we are to use 3 different methods of texture. For this one I did the pressboard dry embossed polka dots again, distressed and wrinkled the blue paper, then I creased the brown paper to give it a slight accordion effect. I also hand stamped the pattern on the brown paper. I'm enjoying doing that with some of the new stamps I got (Martha Stewart's line from Walmart -- that's where the plaid stamps are from too).

Today I made a card that I really love that is based off of this scrapbook page I did in September 2006 (of some of my adorable nieces and nephews). I am not one to scrapbook just one photo on a page because I don't have that much patience, so it was hard to choose one. Even with this one, I didn't mimic the design completely and I turned it on it's side (the brown strip that says "COUSINS" is supposed to be represented by the strip of blue paper on the card). I would've used the green flowers, but I already used it up, so I chose red.

I ended up turning it on it's side and modifying it a little bit because as I was working, I realized if I did it this way, it would be perfect for this week's Card Patterns Sketch #8 (modified a little bit).


many many cards...

Edit: 3/28/09 11:02p.m. I have decided to add the last 2 cards to the Friday challenge after all in addition to another one in a later post.

Many cards again... this first one is for the "Color me anything but that" challenge on 365 Cards. I am not the biggest fan of purple, especially purples with red tones, so I chose this magenta color as well as a particular shade of yellow that seems to have a puke undertone :P I guess even the worst colors can look okay in small doses and with the right combinations. I had fun making this flower.

This next card is from a sketch on The Pink Elephant. I had fun making an Easter card, though I don't often give out Easter cards, so I'll have to get creative.

365 Cards has a special "Touchy Feely Friday" challenge, where we are required to use 3 different methods of adding texture. I've done a couple so far, but am just not satisfied with either one enough to add to the challenge. In this first one, I did dry embossing with a pattern press board (blue polka dots), I tore the brown paper behind the blue paper, and I hand-wrinkled the brown paper behind the flower (which I distressed with scissors, so I guess I used 4 methods).

On this one, I was trying out some new stamps, so I hand-stamped the neutral paper, which is hand-wrinkled and distressed/inked around the edges. I did more polka dots on the white paper as well. I don't love this. ANY suggestions you can give for any of the cards would be greatly appreciated. I really am a beginner and am trying to learn and improve, but I seem to just keep making the same rookie mistakes over and over again. I think some people would say my cards are "under-embellished," but I have a new baby and am in the personal care field, so we don't have a ton of extra money for me to spend on crafting (that's why I keep hoping I'll win something one of these days and get some more cool stuff).


Card Time! Setting the Scene/Caardvark Sketch, Sketchy Sunday, Crossword Connection

This first card is for the Sunday sketch on 365 Cards. I had a lot of fun with it. You can't tell very well from the picture, but the white part is raised up above everything else. This is a good money card and can be for a boy or girl. I really love how the clear stamps can be shaped so easily.

This second card is for the Setting the Scene challenge for Tuesday on 365 Cards to create a nature scene as well as for the sketch on Caardvarks. Although, this is my first attempt at Caarvarks and those are some pretty stinking talented card makers over there. I'm slightly intimidated. I really like this though. It's still pretty simple and it's my style... and yay for glitter paint.

I had a really hard time with this last one and ended up just kind of throwing it together. This is for Monday's Crossword Connection on 365 Cards. The crossword was a printable that we needed to include. I made it brown instead of black and printed it on a subtle pink and white floral paper that I tried to make look more like the green paper with the inking, etc. The bottom part of the white is just hand stamping and was supposed to be rows of the XO's but you can hardly see them. Oh well. I do like the way I made the crossword itself look. Enjoy!


Day 21: Lean On Me inspiration, Card Patterns Sketch #7

This challenge for Saturday's card was to be inspired from the song "Lean on Me." I was originally going to write "when you need a friend..." instead of just friend, but i decided this way it would be more of a universal card. I haven't had to write many sympathy type cards in my day, so I didn't want to limit it to just that. I also did this one based on the Card Patterns Sketch #7. Enjoy!



Not very easy to sew on the tiniest sizes {0-3 mos} but it's their tinyness makes up for it.

My favorite 'fabric' to use is felt because it's so easy to work with. My least favorite fabric to work with is jersey/knit aka onesies. I just read that I needed a knit needle, so I'll have to invest in one before my next attempt.


Day 19: Keep it to Yourself, Day 20: Inside Out

For 365 cards, Thursday's challenge was "Keep it to Yourself," specifically to make a birthday card without a sentiment. So, I went with the big balloon. I figured a lot of people would be doing cupcakes or birthday cakes, so I wanted to do something a little different. I was excited to find these 2 patterned papers because they are not meant to go together, but fit so well. It was fun. Also on the balloon, I stamped all of the little flowers just to tie in the black better.

Friday's challenge is "Inside Out" where the sentiment and bulk of the design are on the inside. I'm also using it for The Pink Elephant's first day of spring challenge called "Think Spring." I kept this one pretty simple, but it inspired another thank you card with the same papers and stamps (not pictured) that I enjoyed making as well. I've made a total of 6 cards today, but am not posting the others because we're celebrating some family birthdays on Sunday and I don't want to spoil the surprise. Anyway, enjoy!


365 Cards Day 18: Going Green, Card Patterns Sketch #6 second attempt

I really hate that pictures with my camera are not even close to the real thing. This first card is the 365 Cards Day 18: Going Green. Green should be the dominant color in the card. And this card is nearly all green, but unfortunately it is reading more yellow in this picture than it really is. I really am having fun with the new stuff I got (mixed in with some of the old stuff of course).

And here is the tweaked Card Patterns Sketch #6. I like it better because to me it just makes more sense this way. And I didn't crop this photo to show you what my workspace currently looks like. I'm a messy crafter. enjoy!


Card Patterns Sketch #6, 365 Cards Day 17: Buttons and Bows

This card is in the fashion of the Card Patterns sketch #6. I know it is similar to the card I made last night... but it is different I suppose. And it fits the sketch pretty well. I'm not sure if I'll post it on that website yet because I feel like it needs some tweaking as far as the ribbon on the corners goes.

This next one from 365 Cards required exactly 3 bows and 3 buttons, no more and no less. I really love pink and brown and I really love this card. Yay. The first picture shows the actual coloring better than the second. It's so hard to take a picture that does the work justice. Ah well. enjoy!


365 Cards: Day 15 (Sketch), Day 16 (Sunshine)

Saturday's challenge was a sketch that you can look at on their website. I think I followed it pretty well without being completely literal. And it's my style, which is important to me. I had never done the layered flower things, so that was fun.

I had a lot of fun with this next challenge... it was to implement the idea of the sun/sunshine in one way or the other. I decided to be a little more literal with this one :P You can't tell from the pic, but the whole thing is raised up from the blue card. And as you can tell, I got my stamps and paper in the mail :) It wasn't a lot of stuff, but I've been enjoying it already! This sunshine card also was incorporated into The Pink Elephant Challenge #6, where the theme is buttons! Enjoy!


Owl-ish Pillow

This is for my sister for her birthday {which was in January - "homemade with love" means "you're getting it late"}

This is attempt numero uno. I ran out of cream wool (the circles) so I thought I'd make it coordinate with her room better by adding a row of green {which I didn't have to match her other pillows} or a row of brown - which I did.

I'll post later on attempt numero dos when it is actually attempted.

I'm like Heidi. I really like streamlined, no frills projects. Which, this could arguably be construed as frilly, but the circles are all the same size and had I not run out of cream it would have been monochromatic as well. It reminds me of a gingerbread house roof. Once or twice growing up we used Necco candies as the shingles and it's a bit reminiscent of that for me.

I'll make myself one as well and try another method to eliminate any of the linen showing through {it's mostly noticeable through the brown rows}.

Saturday DIY

This card is for 2 challenges: Saturday's make your own flower embellishment challenge from 365 Cards as well as Card Patterns sketch #6. The flower was a little time consuming, but I enjoyed it overall.



Day 12 - The Big Move, Day 13 - Flashy Friday

Thursday's challenge was to use the theme "The Big Move" to make a card. I should've taken a picture of the inside of the card because I wrote "miss you already." I had fun making this card, especially with the ribbon exhaust.

Friday's challenge was to make a birthday card using only red, yellow, and blue. I had fun with this one too! I had fun weathering the card stock and doing the stitching. I hope you like it as much as I do :)


my style

when it comes to crafting, i'm realizing very quickly that i am a minimalist. i really don't like using a lot of frills, tassels and the like. even when i use a lot of different materials, i still like the card to look simple with just one main focal point. i personally think some crafters may see this as a downfall or make my stuff inferior, but that doesn't really bother me. i like monochromatic things with a small accent. i like neutrals. i like subtle. i like sophisticated much more than i like bubbly. i know i have a specific taste, which is why i'm enjoying this challenge websites and the such. i enjoy being stretched and refine, especially as an "artist" because i've just kind of been learning all along the way.

what's your personal crafting style?

also, i love working with graphic design type things... i've even made blog headers for some of my blogging friends (and loved doing it!!). i'm working on a project with my sister lori right now that i'll announce when it's finished! look forward to it!

Day 10-Picture This, and Day 11-Giving it all I've Got!

More cards of course! Day 10 (Tuesday)'s challenge was to use a photo on the card, so I used a photo of geese that I'm sure I'll never use for anything else. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the best picture of my cards, especially at night (suggestions?)... so these aren't the greatest.

Day 11 was Giving it all I've got. I had to use at least 5 different patterned papers and 5 embellishments. My goal was to make it still look simple... and I decided to leave it blank so that when the time comes, I can slap on a sentiment and use it for nearly anything. I had fun with the stitching.. I don't generally do a lot of that.


Monday's Challenge: 365 Cards Day 9: Just the Scraps

I had fun with this challenge because I usually do use scraps when making cards. As a personal challenge, I decided to use pretty much nothing else on this first one. I did use ink for the writing and around the edges of the paper, a small heart rub-on, and fun foam to raise up the details... but no buttons, no ribbons, no frills :)

I'm trying to be a little more adventurous about using my own handwriting... I mean, if the card's from me, why not use my own handwriting, right? I'm in the process of buying a few more stamps so I can make a greater variety of cards.

This one is in the fashion of the sketch I used for Card Patterns #5. It's a fun layout, I think.



This is a home to all things remotely crafty. I'll show pictures and talk about things I'm working on. It will mainly be a home for the many card challenges I participate in. If you're interested in participating in any of those, I'll be adding links to my favorite craft sites soon!


(would you like to have a part in this blog? let me know!)


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