the PTI celebration continues!

They have been announcing some great upcoming PTI stuff on Nichole's blog this week!  The latest features Dawn, who is what you would call a color expert.  So, in celebrating her new line of embellishments, Nichole has presented yet another challenge!  This time we were challenged to make cards using some of the DT's favorite combos.  These are the ones I ended up using:




Betsy's color combo was the hardest for me, but I enjoy being challenged and am happy with the result.
Here's what I came up with for all of them!


The color isn't all that vibrant in this photo, but it's late and I probably won't fix it.  I hope you can see what I was going for!


To get the brown stripes on the brown paper, I just pressed the edge of the ink pad to the paper over and over.  Fun and simple!  That's what I like!


I really like how this last one turned out.  The colors are all 3 very vibrant, so I don't usually use them all together, but this is fun, huh!  :)
That's all for now.  I have to get up crazy early in the morning, so goodnight and please leave a comment to let me know which combo you like best!


  1. the last one with the big butterfly is beautiful!

  2. agreeing with Alyssa - last one is my favorite! The butterfly is so subtle!

    And I'm really excited to see the felt they come up with! I just wish it was wider than 5"!



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