DIY Butterfly Decor! (tutorial)

I made a very grave decision recently to retire this photograph (that I took in a high school photography class) of my beloved soccer cleats.  While I still enjoy it, I just don't have a place for it.  So, re-purposing began!

I knew I wanted to do something with the frame, but couldn't decide what.  I started by spray painting it white, but that didn't work out (sometimes it won't).  Instead I decided to cover it in fabric!  It's not too hard to do and I just kind of learned as I went along.

I didn't want to lose the glass, in case I someday wanted to use the frame for a picture again, so I used it as the background of my art instead.  Super expensive materials here, people!

Yes, that's aluminum foil, which I used to cover the glass.  I didn't want to just cover it in white or something plain and most of the patterned paper I had didn't quite go with the color scheme I was going for.  So, I covered the glass in foil, then covered that in vellum paper.  I love the effect (picture coming soon!)!

I don't know if I've mentioned that my daughter's room is slowly being done in hot pink, navy, light aqua and grey/silver.  The elements are coming together slowly.  So, I decided to use my trusty Martha Stewart paper punch to cut out some cute butterflies in hot pink.  These are pretty small, maybe an inch across.  I wasn't sure how many I'd need so I just punched as much as I could out of the little scraps I had.

I also punched 1 navy blue butterfly, then stamped a text stamp in navy blue on the pink butteflies (on the navy I stamped white polka dots).

This photo shows you the stamping up close as well as the fabric I chose... AND the cool effect created by the vellum layered over the foil.  Now, the sheen of the foil made it difficult for me to get a decent picture in my daughter's ill-lit room, so this is the best I could do, but I think you'll get the idea!

I glue gunned some ribbon to the back of the frame to let it hang and voila!  This is a little small, so I still need to figure out what else I'll put on this wall but it's a start!

Everything I used to make this was either a scrap or something I already had.  Not too shabby for free wall decor! :)

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