Eric Carle, 2 free downloads!

Hello!  You can see I took the day off yesterday.  I was busy watching 4 kids for the majority of the day and forgot to schedule a post!  Well, today I'm back with something short and sweet!

For the last couple of days, I've found myself going back to Eric Carle's website a lot.  I came across this small image on his blog:

I just love Eric Carle's illustration style.  He goes into detail about the technique on his website and even has instructions (this is a link to a .pdf, so just be aware of that before you click on it!) you can print to create your own project (one of the next items on my crafty to-do list!) using his technique.

Well, I have a little something special for you.  I just loved this image so much that I modified it a little bit and made it into a background!  It's not really anything I could ever use commercially, since it belongs to Mr. Carle, so I thought I'd share!

This is saved as a .PNG.  You can just right-click and save it as an image and edit it however you like, just considering that it does belong to Mr. Carle (that means personal use only!).

I used it for a couple of things already, like this Baby Shower sign that I modified from this one at iVillage (as mentioned here at HTWM).  Feel free to snag that as well (for personal use only).

Leave a comment and let me know what you might use these downloads for!

Enjoy and I'll see you back here tomorrow!



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