Thursday ... that i love.

Hello!  I've decided that Thursdays are going to be dedicated to things that I love... that I can link to or share in some way.  Maybe it's a story, maybe it's a picture, maybe it's a person, maybe it's ... an etsy shop AND a person that I love!

I have this friend who probably shouldn't even be my friend.  It's kind of crazy and random how we met.  The tie that brought us together no longer exists, but the unraveling came unnoticed because of ALL THE OTHER BONDS that were better and much stronger than the original.  And so.  We are friends.  We haven't physically seen each other in oh, 6 years maybe?  I don't even know, but she inspires me.  I haven't known many other people with such an individual point of view (I mean that in the best way), which is apparent in her work.  And so.  I present:

annilygreen, who I fondly know as aknee (the k is silent) and annie among others...

 I absolutely love that print.  So gorgeous.  As you can see, this isn't your everyday Target type of stuff.  It's completely unique and MUST BE OWNED.

Take a minute to browse.  She's an artist.

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