365 Cards Bloghop: for the love of vintage!

Hello and happy Saturday!  This should be the last stop for the Vintage Love Blog Hop week at 365 Cards!  Today I have a Card Recipe for you.  Each design team member included an ingredient this week and my job is to combine ALL of the ingredients to create a card!  Can you figure out the ingredients?  There are TEN!

Here's a close-up :) Have you figured it out yet?

If you need a little help remembering all 10 of the ingredients for the card recipe, here's where you should visit (the blogs of the design team!):


BUT before you go........ one of the 3 prizes goes to someone who leaves a comment at every design team members blogs, so to be eligible, leave a comment and answer one of these questions (or both):  What do you love about the vintage style?  and/or  What intimidates you about the vintage style or keeps you from making vintage-style cards?

And in spirit of the hop, a bonus card.

Vintage doesn't have to be tons of layers and detail.  Make vintage suit your personal style!

I hope you've enjoyed the blog hop!  Don't forget to visit the 365 Cards blog and link up your Saturday Card Recipe card by Monday at 11:59 PM to have a chance at the other 2 prizes!


  1. I love how you mixed the 10 items of the week!
    the card is beautiful.
    What I inima vintage style is all the decorations and accessories that has this style, I have always scared to stay short, as if it needed something to my card.

    What I like is the end result of a vintage card!

  2. Hi Heidi, you've created a wonderful shabby style card. I like how you combined a bit of the grungy look with the vintage.

    I used to do more of this type card, but I've been venturing out in CAS. It will be a stretch for me to see if I can combine all this into a card!

  3. gorgeous card you made :D i love the colors and la ... you did great :D
    Hugs from sweden

  4. Fabbie card, Heidi!
    I hoped through all the DT's blogs, so I've already figured out all ingredients... LOL
    You did a gorgeous card, working all of them into your card.
    I love the vintage style because of it's romantic look and the softness.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Love both cards! Vintage style intimidates me a little because I don't usually make vintage cards. There are very pretty and romantic. Now I'm off to gather everything I need for this recipe.

  6. Wow! You have made a FABULOUS card. I love it so, so much.
    What I love about the vintage card? I guess it's the soft & classy side of it. What kept me from making the vintage card is....TADA.. my lack of ideas..:O

  7. Heidi, this is soo goodlooking! You really rocked on this challenge...but I knew you would!
    Now I´m off to get creative myself...who knows..?...maybe I´ll try this challenge! = )

  8. What a fabulous card very elegant looking!!
    I have very limited Vintage type papers and embellishments so I find it very hard to make cards using this style.

  9. Wonderful card Heidi - I really do like it. Vintage is intimidating to me because to me it is lots of layers of stuff - not just the layers of paper - that is probably the easy part, distressing and adding layers - it is more the where do I put all this 'stuff' and when is it enough.
    But, I also LOVE the vintage look because it is old fashioned to me and I love old fashioned. Thanks for the challenge today and this week - it has been fun!

  10. Heidi...Love your cards! That polka dot paper with the cherries...is FAB! I love how you used it with the checked paper behind it in your first card. I love polka dots...and herringbone.
    I have always loved Vintage style...it comes easy to me...because that is what I love. Now anything contemporary...and count me out...LOL. Thanks for the inspiration...and the bonus card!
    This was my first time doing a blog hop..and it has been great fun. I can't wait to get creating!

  11. Heidi, your card is gorgeous. I must say I love it. ;-) I have to say that vintage intimidates me because it is so far from my usual style that I'm not sure that I am creating something qualifies as vintage. I don't have many of the elements so I stick with what I have and know.


  12. PS...love your profile picture!

  13. What a great card, Heidi! You make a difficult challenge look effortless! I love the images and feelings conjured up by the vintage style, but I'm intimidated because that's not my usual style and I feel I don't always have the right papers or elements. Now if I win one of those Graphic45 prize packs, I'll have everything I need...XD Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. All I have to say is....GREAT JOB! I was so happy to NOT get this challenge! But then I made a card anyway because Pam and Rose would talk smack about me otherwise! hee hee You rocked out, girl. Love both cards for today!

  15. Heidi I knew you would pull off the challenge with style :) your card is AWESOME!!! and the second one is perfect :)

  16. LOVE your card!!!!! I LOVE the distressed look of vintage cards, but I just feel like my style is soo bold that I don't do vintage well, but I love how it looks

  17. My favorite thing about vintage is that you can combine sooo much stuff, and it never looks overcrowded. Just like this card !!

    Also, I love finding just that perfect accessory that "makes" it all come together. That is part of the challenge for me.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Hi there, now I try again. What a lovely card you have done! The one whos get it is gonna be happy! Like the colour and the cute things on it. Now to your question:

    What I like about vintage style? I think vintage get me calm, its beautiful,its elegant, its romantic and of course nostalgic. Its take me back in time to remember my grandmother etc.
    Take care of you, Stephi from sweden.

  20. Heidi, really like your card, your style.

    The second card you made is the way I like vintage, simple, clean lines, but with those lovely olde world colours. Toned down. A little worn, something that reminds me of days gone by, of my grandmothers, the smell of freshly baked bread and homemade preserves. A real warm feeling

  21. Thank you, Heidi, for creating such a beautiful card! It's just awesome! I really do like vintag-Y cards, and do try to make them, but sometimes find it's hard to do so if I'm trying to use old scraps I have (being frugal, that's what I usually do...). I think the paper is part of what makes the card vintag-Y.

  22. woot woot...you definitely deserve a gold star for being the last stop of the hop...that meant you're the final recipe girl...you did a magnificent job!!

  23. Oh Heidi, when I saw you had to make a card incorporating all the challenges, I thought, "Oh NO, I couldn't do that!" But I didn! I kept a check off list and checked each as I completed it, till, the card was done!
    I love vintage. The distressing is something I like to do. I like stark white (or brightly colored) cards but when I make them they just never look done - until I dirty it up!
    Happy Holidays!

  24. Как прекрасно придумано - цветочек вместо буквы "о"!!! Прекрасная карта!



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