I have many reasons to smile today.  One of my favorite reasons is my husband Luke... and the fact that he is finished with school for the semester!  So, yay!  Basically that means we get to wake up at the same time and leave for work together, etc, without him having to go to early morning classes first!  I'm really grateful that he's willing to go to school while he's working full time too.  It's been such a help to us.  Something (someone) else that made me smile today is of course my adorable 2 year-old daughter Adelle.  Tonight when I was getting her ready for bed, I saw that her shirt was pretty dirty from the day and she said, "I'm a mess!"  I responded, "you ARE a mess!" which began a back and forth round of us saying, "YOU are!"  "You are!"  etc.... so fun.  I am amazed by how fully she absorbs her surroundings (that also means Luke needs to stop saying "Oh, crap!" in front of her....oops).

ANYWAY, on to the main reason for the post, which is a fun Saturday challenge from 365 Cards!  I am really happy with how this card turned out and it's one of the quickest ones I've made in a long time from the idea to the finished product.  So fun.  We didn't have sponsor materials this week, so my challenge was to "Feel Scrappy!"  I was to use 7 papers from my scrap box to make a card!  I love scraps and save way too many of them... even some of the tiniest scraps of paper!

I was about to say that the card base wasn't a scrap, but actually it was!  It was just a bigger scrap, so I didn't actually take it from the scrap box :P  If you know how to make this type of flower embellishment, it's a FANTASTIC way to use up those little scraps.  Sometimes if I just have a little bit of a paper left, I'll pre-punch it so it can easily work as a flower layer later on or something like that.

The sentiment is from a wonderful stash of SRM Stickers, which I LOVE.  I love that she has started offering the sentiments in brown besides just black.  Most of everything else (besides the scraps and the glitter-MS) is Papertrey Ink.

Clean and simple, but with some elegance and interest :)  That's how I do!  .... or something like that.  And it's in my favorite color combination!  Again!

Enjoy!  And remember, you have until Monday night to link up your posts for the week!


  1. Stunningly gorgeous!
    And how clever of you to use the scraps to create the flower! I´ll keep that in mind for later on...
    Have a great winter day!
    Hugs! / Sophia

  2. Piękna kartka! Skromna a jakże efektowna. Brawo!!



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