Awesome LDS Kid's Quiet Book Find!

UPDATE: I'm sorry to say that Simply Fresh Designs has been asked to take their quiet books off of their website until someone from the LDS church can review/approve them.  Who knows when that'll be.

So, I'm really good at keeping track of all the great downloads and craft ideas all over the web, but let's just say I'm not one to always follow through on all these great ideas.  THIS TIME, I found a great Free Download for a LDS Quiet Book, "We Believe," at Simply Fresh Designs.  Well, last night I printed it out on my regular printer, cut it out and put the pages into a 4x6 photo album that I already had.  Adelle LOVED it at church today!  She was looking at it for the majority of Sacrament Meeting.  Keep in mind that she's only 2 and doesn't understand every part of it quite yet, but she really enjoyed the pictures, bright colors, and the few sentences I was able to read to her quietly.

Anyway, just wanted to share!

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  1. Do you have this file saved? Can you e-mail it to me? I really want to print this!!!




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