Happy 2011! I hope everyone had a fun and safe celebration last night! I was home with my hubby (we're both under the weather), but we watched the ball drop on TV and ate delicious pumpkin banana muffins (with white chocolate chips) that I made. It was low-key, which I like.

I'm excited for 2011 and the new beginning and new opportunities it brings!  I have a couple of small goals that I'm going to be working on, but in 2011 my main focus is to just be happy.  I'm going to let myself be content and find the good in things.  Those who know me well may know that this can be a challenge for me, but I know it'll make a difference in my life.  Here's hoping that this is the best year yet :)

Today's card from 365 Cards is for the last day of flashback week!  I got to recreate Day 333, which is Green, Glitter, & Grosgrain!  I decided to keep it simple and loved using some of my Crate Paper goodies that I've had stashed away for a while.

Enjoy and come back soon!

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  1. so pretty -- I posted one. Hope I did it correctly.



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