slight delay...

Well, today I sprained my ankle pretty severely when I was carrying my daughter to the car in the snow.  There was a patch of ice under the snow and I fell.  I made sure Adelle was okay and she landed on her feet, but my ankle popped and now I have a high ankle sprain.  Oh, and I was wearing heels because I had just come from a job interview (which was a HUGE waste of my time).  I know, not very smart to carry a child in fresh snow... I'm learning my lesson.  It's a lot of fun.  I am grateful for my parents' next door neighbor who happened to be outside and heard me yell out when I fell.  He literally carried me on his back into my parents' house and I'm not a tiny girl.  So, for his kindness I truly am grateful.  I'll have to make his family some cookies or something with a card.

While I get better I have some design work ahead of me and I'm still making origami boxes for the project I mentioned yesterday.  Updates coming soon!

p.s. Does anyone else still watch American Idol?  I am definitely a fan of Steven Tyler on the show.  He cracks me up.

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