YW Goodies and Boyce Avenue

Day 7 of gimpy Heidi is coming to a close and I am really trying to learn the lesson I need to learn here.  More than anything, it's making me grateful for my body and how capable it really is.  This experience has definitely made me more motivated to be more physically active and productive... I am literally craving it.  So much that it's really tempting to overdo it and do too much, since I'm starting to be able to walk a little bit.  Self control!  I'm trying really hard.  Promise.

... but enough about that.

Tomorrow for our Wednesday night Mutual activity, we're doing a big planning session where the girls get to plan their Wednesday night activities for the next several months.  It's hard for me to just let them do it, but I know it's important for them to do it themselves.  To aid in the process, I wrote up this basic guideline/help sheet for brainstorming (based on these great tools provided at LDS.org) and a basic monthly calendar, including assignments, etc.  The one provided by LDS.org is great and it offers instructions/samples, but we just wanted something with more room to write.  SO, I wanted to share.  If this is something that might benefit you and your YW program, PLEASE take it :)  It includes a generic file where you can write in the month, but I also made up files for each month starting with February through January of 2012.

And yet, on another note, I want to share one more thing!  My husband and I really like this band Boyce Avenue.  They do write original music, but we especially enjoy their acoustic covers of current songs.  I heard this one today and wanted to share it.  He also changed some of the lyrics, which make the song much more meaningful (and appropriate) than it was before.


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