Bon Appetit!

This week, 365 Cards is sponsored by 'Digital Delights' by Louby Lou.  The challenge for today is all about color opposites!  Not in the literal sense, but more about the opposite of what you would normally do, so like opposite day - what colors would you never put together?  One color I really rarely use is purple.  I just do not love it, so I have a hard time being creative with it.  I also do not generally love purple with red.  So, I used purple and red!  As a little extra challenge, I've used white with ivory/cream, which is also something I would normally try NOT to do.  Anyway, I actually really like how the colors turned out here and it reminds me of Paris for some reason!

If you go take a look at Louby Lou's Digital Delights, you'll notice that this image is a little bit different than her original design.  You may know by now that I can rarely use a digital stamp/image without altering it in some way... so I changed the eyes and moved down the brows a little.  That's it!  Well, then I digitally colored it.  I hope it inspires you to try some new crazy color combinations!

Thanks for stopping by!


An Easter Surprise :)

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a beautiful weekend!  Mine was busy, but that's just life for me right now!  I have a fun card to share with you today via 365 Cards.  It includes 2 elements: the first is a great sponsor The Stamping Boutique, who provided a cute Easter image.  My challenge this week was to create a pop-up card, which just may be the beginning of a fun theme for the week :)

I had a lot of fun digitally coloring this Bunny Egg image!  There are so many things you can do with digital stamps.  I wanted the pop-up to really be a surprise when you open the card, so I tried to make it just a regular pretty card on the outside, then BAM!  Bunny Egg!  :)  I couldn't think of a clever sentiment/punch line for the inside, so I'll just include something in the note when I give away the card.  Maybe something like "hop you're doing well!"  :)  Anyway, Happy Spring to all!


Somewhere Over the Rainbow... Yellow Birds Fly...

That's how the song goes, right?  Haha... well I'm close anyway.

... and hello from Grandma's house!  I've been here almost a week and am glad I brought my computer and the essential crafting supplies with me.  I have a card for 365 Cards and fell in love with this image from Heart Song Designs as soon as I saw it.  So cute and so whimsical.  Today's Monday challenge is called "Up in the Air" and you're supposed to include 3 images that you would find in the sky.  Mine are a bird, a rainbow and clouds.

I digitally colored the image, which is always a lot of then... then you can print it, cut it out and voila! :)  I'm especially in love with that hounds tooth pattern I created from scratch.  I kept this card super simple, but you could add any embellishments you want.  Have you ever digitally colored a digital stamp?  It's great for someone like me who doesn't use copic markers.



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