Bon Appetit!

This week, 365 Cards is sponsored by 'Digital Delights' by Louby Lou.  The challenge for today is all about color opposites!  Not in the literal sense, but more about the opposite of what you would normally do, so like opposite day - what colors would you never put together?  One color I really rarely use is purple.  I just do not love it, so I have a hard time being creative with it.  I also do not generally love purple with red.  So, I used purple and red!  As a little extra challenge, I've used white with ivory/cream, which is also something I would normally try NOT to do.  Anyway, I actually really like how the colors turned out here and it reminds me of Paris for some reason!

If you go take a look at Louby Lou's Digital Delights, you'll notice that this image is a little bit different than her original design.  You may know by now that I can rarely use a digital stamp/image without altering it in some way... so I changed the eyes and moved down the brows a little.  That's it!  Well, then I digitally colored it.  I hope it inspires you to try some new crazy color combinations!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow...way to throw down a challenge! I'm gonna have to really think on this one...

    Great card too...the image is super cute.

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