The Ashleigh Album

I'm excited to introduce a new product in the Heidi Stock Design Shop!

The Ashleigh Album!  This is a 10x10 Album Template (WHCC) which includes 10 page spreads and cover designs as well.  I love how simple and classic these layouts are.  You really could use this for any occasion.  What do you think?

Thanks to Lori George Photography for the use of her beautiful images.


Why Easter and a Free Printable!

Easter is my favorite holiday because of the hope that it gives.  Jesus Christ was resurrected and so, we will also be resurrected.  That is a promise extended to all of us, whether we accept His atoning sacrifice or not.  We will all live again.  I love the opportunity that we have to celebrate that gift and how personal and meaningful it is for me.  I'm grateful for the example of Jesus Christ and for all that he did during his mortal life on the earth.  I want to share this video, which is a simple depiction of what happened that day.

If you're still reading, I also want to share a free printable.  You can print it, frame it, display it in your home, whatever you like.  Just please don't distribute it.  If you want to share it, send them here to download it.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and find the opportunity to remember why we celebrate.

Happy Easter! (Check out the previous post about the HSD sale tomorrow, April 5th!)


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