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Today is a little bittersweet for me.  I've decided to make the big move from Blogger over to Wordpress!  I've been working on this blog since I first started cardmaking, which was a huge revelation for me, creatively, but I know I'll be able to do so much more with my site over at Wordpress with my own domain.
If you found this site through Pinterest, you can find all of the same posts over at heidistock.com plus some new ones!  I'm excited for this step, especially to have a place to show my growing Graphic Design portfolio.

Thank you for following this blog and I hope you'll follow me over to my new adventure! :)



FREE PRINTABLE for Work at Home Moms (To Do List for Work & Home)

I designed this simple to do list for myself recently and wanted to share!  I used to just make one giant To Do List and my tasks for home and work would just be all jumbled together.  I've already grown to love the 2 columns this design provides, so I can keep my work days organized, while not putting off the important tasks I need to do to maintain the order of my home.

I hope you find it useful (for personal use only)!  Enjoy!

To Do List for Work-at-Home Moms (or anyone who is trying to maintain their own business while attempting to maintain an orderly home)

Click Here to Download 'To Do List for Work & Home' PDF

Happy Father's Day & Free Printable (10 Reasons Why I Love My Daddy)!

I've been trying to decide what I should have the girls do for their daddy for Father's Day, when I came across this sweet '10 Reasons Why I Love My Dad' printable at iSharePrintables.  The only thing I don't LOVE about it is that it says 2013, which of course isn't going to work for 2014!

So, obviously inspired by their beautiful design (they deserve all the credit!), I decided to create my own, which can be used for any year... I thought I better share ;)

Click Here to Download '10 Reasons Why I Love My Daddy' PDF


Look for the Good

We are always facing challenges in our lives... and sometimes challenges are also blessings.  For example, I am currently pregnant (yay!).  I am trying to count my blessings.. especially knowing how many women struggle with fertility.  However, there are some days where I feel sick all day long and it's a little bit harder to be grateful.  So, I've had this little mantra for a while that helps me a little bit.  Look for the good.  There is so much good, even in trials, when we actually try to seek it out.

So, to share this message, I want to offer 50% OFF on my Printables, use code FORGOOD, so you can hang this up somewhere and see it everyday.  I hope it is a message that can inspire you the way it has inspired me.


Albus Dumbledore & Choices (+ Come Follow Me LDS Curriculum Handout)

I have the awesome opportunity to serve the Young Women (ages 12-18) locally in my church.  Yesterday I taught a lesson on choices and "Why do the choices I make matter?" (from the LDS 'Come Follow Me' Young Women's February Curriculum).  We had a great discussion... we talked about the choices we make every single day that matter (what time we go to bed, what time we wake up, whether we did our homework, whether we started and ended our day in prayer, whether we studied the scriptures and words of the prophets, etc.) and we talked about the big choices/decisions that we only have to make once if we will just make them ahead of time.  I always learn a lot from those girls and am so grateful to be with them twice a week.

For my lesson, I made this simple handout.  I personally feel like it's important to recognize truth no matter where it comes from... even a young adult fiction book like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets :)  I made this printable available in my little Etsy shop as an 8x10, which also includes an 8.5x11 JPG that has 4 handouts to a page, so you can easily print it and share with your Young Women, if you so choose :)  OR you can just get the sheet of 4 handouts here.



Radiant Orchid and Lovestruck!

I'm absolutely loving the Pantone "Color of the Year"... Radiant Orchid.  What color combos do you like to use with it?  I really love this bold aqua and the chalkboard gray with it :)

Maybe it's cheesy to say in this way, but today I feel SO BLESSED!

We had a big release of new Valentine-related items at Prairie Sweet today and I am honestly just so happy with how they turned out.  My sister and I have been collaborating for well over a year now, trying to create something better than what either of us could do on our own.  I'm grateful for this creative outlet and opportunity to improve my talents... and to learn about running a business, being a mom/wife, church youth leader (and how to balance it all!).  Anyway, I'm especially happy with this new Lovestruck line of products I just finished...

 Deluxe Design Kit: 8 Digital Papers, 9 Digital Embellishments

 5x7 Two-Sided Valentine Cards

Facebook Timeline Covers


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